Adapters & Fixtures

Standard configuration of both the 5000E and 5300HX provides 2nA to 50A and 1kV anode/collector capability. The mainframe of these models can be configured to provide up to 100 amperes and with 2,000 volt anode/collector capability.

Optional capabilities provide for picoamps to 1200 amperes and from millivolts to 2000 volts, making our semiconductor testers extremely versatile.

The wide range of features and options include a low current deck, 3 high current decks, numerous test fixtures, device adaptors, scanners, remote starting, etc. Custom software and hardware features available. Use the links below for additional details.

100A High Current Option
2000V High Voltage Option
80V Gate/Base Option
Low Current Deck 5300HX only
High Current Decks 5300HX only
Remote Start
Test Adaptors
Test Fixtures
Handler Interface and Prober Interface
Programmable Scanners