Upgrades include latest software and features. Contact STI for upgrade quotes. Upgrades include the following plus many additional features. Some items may require adaptors or additional charges.

Latest PCW Software

Latest Firmware Additions and Improvements


Micro Ohm Resolution RDSON

Lo Current 1+hFE: IE 100NA

1000 Picoamp Range

On-the-Fly Calculations

16 Bit Resolution; 4 Digit Entries

Increased A/D Speed

True Floating Gate Source(GaN/SiC)

Curve Trace/Curve Suite

ICES/V Reverse and Forward Gate Bias

ICEV Bias computed from VGETH result

Bar Code Reader Option

Curves with Prober

Remote Command Set

ILatch Exact Value Option(4 Quadrant ILatch/IHold)

Auto Verify: Precision Resistor Set

Auto Calibrate

Interlocked Test Enclosure

80V Gate

100A Mainframe

1200A Hi Deck


hFE >100,000

Scanner Option to 24 Pins

Lo Picoamp Curves

VO Test Transistor Test

IDON 120US Pulse

gFS/gFE Auto Calc(Delta ID/Delta VGS)

Small hfe Auto Calc(Delta IC/Delta IB