5300C Curve Tracer


Range Information

Current Ranges:

  • Standard: 2.0nA – 50A
  • Up to 100A with Mainframe Extension
  • 20pA with Low Current Option
  • Up to 1200A with High Current Options

Voltage Ranges:

  • 2000V Standard
  • Standard (gate): 10mv – 20V
  • 80V with 80V Gate Option

Semiconductor Tester Features

  • PC Based
  • Wide Selection of Available Curves
  • Programmable Data Point Increments/li>
  • Increments can be Linear or Logarithmic
  • Programmable Off-Time to Minimize Heating
  • Save and Recall Curve Entry Programs
  • Save and Recall Previously Captured Curve Image
  • Load Curve Data Directly to Excel
  • Run up to 10 Curve Programs in Sequence with data loaded to Excel Automatically
  • Program Maximum Current/Voltage Limits to Prevent Damage or Heating
  • Store/Recall Test Programs
  • Multiple Sequential Curves
  • Multiple Devices
  • Logarithmic Curves
  • Automatically Load Curve Data to Excel
  • Large Selection of Curves/li>
  • Easy to Use
    • Select Curve
    • Enter Range
    • Press Start
  • Full Range of Current (not limited to 20A)
  • Graph Features – Tools
    • Scales Axes
    • Change Log/Linear
    • View Data Points on Curve
    • Zoom
    • Print Graph
    • Set cursors for new sweep
    • Save graph
  • No Patch Cords
  • No SMU Set-Up-Selection; Completely Automatic

Curve Tracer Tested

The Scientific Test high power curve tracer tests virtually all common discrete semiconductors including, but not limited to:
  • MOSFETs (N and P Chanel)
  • Transistors (NPN and PNP)
  • IGBT
  • JFET
  • Zener
  • Diode
  • SCR
  • Triac
  • DIAC

More Information

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