Curve Tracer

Scientific Test provides a high performance, high power curve tracer for testing semiconductor devices at a price significantly below its competitors.

With our extremely favorable cost-benefit ratio, you can’t afford to overlook evaluating how our curve tracer can meet or exceed your semiconductor testing requirements at a very affordable cost.

Our curve tracer is used worldwide for high volume production, quality control and final testing of discrete semiconductor devices.

Provided with an Intel® based single board computer(SBC) and Windows® based software, the Scientific Test curve tracer is highly reliable, extemely fast, very easy to operate, and provides quick creation of digital curves for data storage and intuitive manipulation.

Curves are generated using high speed ATE test steps to build the curve point by point. With our advanced Windows® PC software, programming a curve is simple and straightforward — just select the desired curve on the menu and fill in the blanks. Data increments are programmable in linear or logarithmic steps. Precision data points and curves are generated quickly and accurately. Typical test time per step is 6 to 20MS; and a two hundred data point curve will typically take only a few seconds to generate. Captured curve data points can be automatically loaded into Excel to create curve trace presentations.

View online or download the descriptive bulletin for our curve tracer.