About Us

Scientific Test, Inc. was founded in 1981 by company president, John Bailey. John started STI because there was a clear need in 1981 for a source of capable, quality semiconductor test equipment without a $100,000.00 or more price tag.

The need for cost effective equipment still exists today. STI provides quality ATE systems and Curve Tracers to device manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, military, aerospace, transportation, medical and other customers worldwide. Whether you need to create a data sheet, test at wafer level, interface with a handler,test for QA or failure analysis at currents as low as 20PA up to 1200A, STI has a solution for you.

Scientific Test, Inc. is a privately held company in Richardson, Texas. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Brandon Bailey
Vice President
Scientific Test, Inc.

科技测试公司由公司总裁约翰.柏理先生于1981 年创建。约翰创建科技测试公司之初,即在 1981 年的时候,市面上迫切地需要一款高性能,高品质的低于十万美金价位的半导体测试仪器。

今天,对高性价比的设备的需求依然像以往一样的旺盛。科技测试公司一如既往的提供高品 质的自动测试系统及曲线分析仪,我们尊贵的全球客户涵盖了知名半导体器件制造商、消费电子 制造商、军工单位、航空机构、运输部门、医药及其他领域的各类客户。无论您是需要创建数据 表、测试晶圆、和分选机互联、品保测试、失效分析、从20PA 到1200A 的电流范围,科技测试 公司均可以为您提供解决方案。

科技测试公司是一家私有公司,坐落于德克萨斯州的理查德森市。我们期待着为贵司提供我 们最好的服务。

Brandon Bailey
布兰登. 柏理