Adapters & Fixtures

Standard configuration of both the 5000E and 5300HX provides 2nA to 50A and 1kV anode/collector capability. The mainframe of these models can be configured to provide up to 100 amperes and with 2,000 volt anode/collector capability.

Optional capabilities provide for picoamps to 1200 amperes and from millivolts to 2000 volts, making our semiconductor testers extremely versatile.

The wide range of features and options include a low current deck, 3 high current decks, numerous test fixtures, device adaptors, scanners, remote starting, etc. Custom software and hardware features available. Use the links below for additional details.

100A High Current Option
Both the 5000E and 5300HX can be provided with 100 ampere capability within the mainframe.
2000V High Voltage Option
Both the 5000E and 5300HX can be provided with 2000 volt capability within the mainframe.
80V Gate/Base Option
Both the 5000E and 5300HX can be provided with an 80V gate option within the mainframe. Rated 10A. 40A available as an option.
Low Current Deck 5300HX only


Low end leakage test can be extended downward to measurements as low as 20pA with 1pA resolution using the LC-1000 Low Current Deck.

Available for 5300HX only.

LC-1000 Low Current Deck shown connected to 5300HX Semiconductor Tester

High Current Decks 5300HX only


HC-500 (500A), HC-1000 (1000A), and HC-1200 (1200A) high current decks extend the high current levels available from the 5300HX semiconductor tester. HC-500 with DSP-100 remote start/display testing a high current device is shown above.

On-state current tests such as VT, VF, VCESAT, VDSON, and RDSON can be extended to the limits indicated above by using the appropriately rated high current deck. The 500A version can be upgraded to 1000A or 1200A.


High Current Deck shown with 5300HX Semiconductor Tester and DSP-100 Remote Start and Personal Computer

Remote Start


DSP-100 Remote Start unit

Provides a manual start of test and displays the Bin or Sort upon test completion. When used with a handler, the status display indicates the logical bin (1-16) or fail (F). When used with a manual station, the status display indicates sort number (1-99) or fail (F).

Use the links below for details on options available for Scientific Test semiconductor testers.

Test Adaptors


Numerous device test Adaptors are available to provide switching controls to specific semiconductors.

  • ADP-310 opto-coupler adaptor
  • ADP-310B same as ADP-310 with provisions for handler cable with base break option
  • ADP-320 regulator (3 terminal) adaptor. Requires a test fixture – see Test Fixtures
  • ADP-340-4 transient surge 5 pin module test station – 5300HX ONLY
  • ADP-340-5 same as ADP-340-4 with tip-com, ring-com and tip-ring – 5300HX ONLY
  • ADP-340-5G same as ADP-340-5 plus gated device option
  • ADP-350 quadrac and diac adaptor. Requires a test fixture – see Test Fixtures
  • ADP-360 adaptor to test transient surge devices (SSOVP), sidacs and diacs. Requires 2000V option – see HVA-2000
  • ADP-370 8-pin opto logic device adaptor
  • ADP-380 Kelvin adaptor
  • ADP-390 Relays test adaptor
  • ADP-410 Inductive sustaining test adaptor – 5300HX ONLY
  • ADP-506 I latch load box for exact lactching measurements
  • ADP-508 adaptor for 5 lead devices with current sense to 10ma and Kelvin pins – also called HEX sense
  • ADP-SURG adds 10×1000 10A surge test. Requires ADP-340. 5300HX ONLY
  • Other test Adaptors are available… just let us know what you need.
Test Fixtures

Numerous standard device test fixtures are available to provide proper lead connection to specific semiconductor package designs. Custom test fixtures can be provided for any device type for which a socket is commercially available.

iscrete Test Fixtures

    K in prefix indicates Kelvin dual contacts for drive and sense

    A version indicates anode center pin

    G version indicates gate center pin

    C version indicates cathode on stud

  • FX-T220 A or G – TO-220 and TO-218
  • FXK-T220 A or G – TO-220 and TO-218
  • FX-L220 A or G – TO-220, low insertion force
  • FX-T72A – TO-72, four leaded socket
  • FXK-T5/18G TO-5/18G
  • FX-T92G – TO-92
  • FXK-T3/66 – TO-3/66, lead diameter less than 0.060inche, for collector currents less than 25A
  • FXK-T3/P G – TO-3/P • FXK-AXS axial small diode, lead diameter up to 0.040 inche
  • FXK-AXL axial large diode, lead diameter up to 0.050 inche
  • FXK-D4/5 A or C – DO-4 and DO-5
  • FXK-5SNS 5 lead hex sense fixture

Discrete Opto-Coupler Test Fixtures

  • OPT-T56 6-pin can (TO-5) single opto device
  • OPT-T58 8-pin can (TO-5) dual opto device, manually switched
  • OPT-DP6 6 pin dip opto device (same as upper half of OPT-DP68)
  • OPT-DP68 6 or 8 pin dip opto device, manually switch)
  • OPT-6N139 8 pin dip opto-coupler, relays software selectable, requires external power supply

Surface Mount Test Fixtures

    K in prefix indicates Kelvin

  • SM-SO-4 SO-4 package
  • SM-SO-6 SO-6 package
  • SM-SO-8 SO-8 package
  • SM-SO-12 SO-12 package
  • SM-SO-16 SO-16 package
  • SM-SOD123 SOD-123 package
  • SMK-SD3232 SOD-323 2 lead package
  • SM-SOD80 SOD-80 package
  • SM-SOT23 SOT-23 package
  • SMK-SOT23 SOT-23 package
  • SMK-SOT24 SOT-24 package
  • SMK-SOT25 SOT-25 package
  • SMK-SOT26 SOT-26 package
  • SM-DPAK D-PAK or TO-252 package, transistor
  • SM-SOT89 SOT-89 or TO-243 package
  • SM-D2PAK D2PAK package
  • SMK-SOT223 SOT-223 package
  • SMK-SMA SMA package
  • SMK-SMB SMB package
  • SMK-SMC SMC package
  • SMK-MELF Melf package, diode
  • SMK-MINIM Mini-melf package, diode
  • SMK-MICRM Micro-melf package, diode
  • SMK-QUADM Quadro-melf package, diode

Test Fixture Accessories

  • FX-CUST custom test fixture per customer requirements
  • FX-BLNK blank fixture enclosure, drilled. Includes banana jacks, ferrite beads, coil.
  • FX-COIL oscillation supression coil
  • FX-SCKT replacement sockets for fixtures are available

Handler Interface and Prober Interface

A 16 bin handler interface and logic prober interface boards are available as options for both the 5000E and 5300HX. Customer may specify handler and interface requirements. Bins or sorts can be binary coded for se with wafer probers.

Handler Interface HB-100
Standard handler interface provides relay closures or logic level (positive logic) with software programmable End Of Test (EOT).
PI-200 Prober Interface
The prober interface provides logic interface (postive or negative) for probers. End of Test (EOT), Start Of Test (SOT) and 8 logical bins can be individually configured for postive or negative logic. BCD binding interface is a standard feature.
Programmable Scanners


A pin programmable scanner is used for testing multiple devices, mixed pin packages, opto-couplers, opto-logic, and other similar semiconductor devices.

Any input (drive/sense) can be programmed to any of 8 or 16 output pins. A personality module contains a socket for a specified package type. The pins of the package can be connected to any of the input drives for a given test step. Bias supplies can be added.

  • ADP-401 Scanner for 4, 8, or 16 pin opto-coupler DIP
  • ADP-401A-8 Scanner for 8 pins (4×8 matrix), totally programmable, 30A, 1200V
  • ADP-401A-16 Scanner for 16 pins (4×16 matrix), totally programmable, 30A, 1200A