Client List

Our curve tracers and semiconductor testers are in use worldwide for high volume production, quality control and final testing of semiconductor devices. Over 38% of our customers have two or more of our semiconductor test systems. Many have three or more of our automated semiconductor test equipment – one has 30 of our test systems. For referrals to individual customer references, please contact us


Customer List

*Indicates that customer has multiple installations

* A.T.E. (IR) India
ABB Automation Sweden
ABB Hafo, Inc. Sweden
* Acme Electric U.S.A.
Advanced Scientific Taiwan
AeRa Corporation U.S.A.
* Allen Bradley U.S.A.
Allied Signal Aerospace U.S.A.
* Altronic, Inc. U.S.A.
American Reliability Labs U.S.A.
Analytical Solutions
AP Microelectroincs USA
Artesyn North America, Inc.
Arche Taiwan
* Astec America U.S.A.
Astec Pekan – Malaysia
Aurra Industries U.S.A.
AVCO Systems Div. U.S.A.
Avionic Instrument U.S.A.
* AVX Corporation U.S.A.
* Avaya Communications U.S.A.
Base 10 Systems U.S.A.
Barber Colman U.S.A.
Beacon Light Products U.S.A.
B.F. Goodrich Aerospace U.S.A.
Black & Decker U.S.A.

Bourns Ltd UK
Bourns Xiamen China Ltd
Bridgepoint U.S.A.
Brown Boveri & Cie Switzerland
California Instruments U.S.A.
Canaan Korea Co.
Cardiac Pacemakers / Guidant U.S.A.
Carlin Combustion U.S.A.
Cirrus Logic, Inc.
* China Electronics China
* Clarostat U.S.A.
Comdial U.S.A.
Concord Semiconductor Wuxi Co. Ltd.
Concurrent Computer Corp. U.S.A.
* Control Concepts U.S.A.
Copam Electronics Taiwan
* Corning Cable Systems U.S.A.
Cox & Company, Inc. U.S.A.
Crown International U.S.A.
Cree, Inc.
* Cree Microwave U.S.A.
Crown International
Custom Analytical U.S.A.
* CSIST Taiwan
Cyntec Co. Ltd. Taiwan
Daewoo Corporation, South Korea R.O.K.
* Delphi (Delco) U.S.A.
Delphi Automotive Indiana
* Delta Electronic Ind. Ltd. Taiwan
Delta Products Corp. Mexico
* Digital Equipment Corp. U.S.A.
DII Taiwan
* Diodes, Inc. U.S.A.
Diodes Shanghai Co., Ltd.
* DPA Labs U.S.A.
Dovatron International U.S.A.
Dynamic Controls Corp. U.S.A.
* Eaton Cutler – Hammer U.S.A.
* Eastn Elequip U.S.A.
EG&G Power Systems U.S.A.
* Emerson Industrial Controls U.S.A.
Epic Technologies U.S.A.
* Ericsson Components U.S.A.
ERSO / ITRI Taiwan
E-Systems U.S.A.
Ferguson Enerprises
Fireye, Inc. U.S.A.
Fisher – Rosemount Singapore
* Formosa Silicon Semiconductor Taiwan
G.E.C. Marconi U.S.A.
* General Electric U.S.A.
General Electric Energy Louisville
General Electric Global Research
General Electric India
* GHZ Technology, Inc. U.S.A.
Goldstar – South Korea R.O.K.
GPU Nuclear Corporation U.S.A.
Gull Inc. U.S.A.
* Hang Zhou Reliability Instrument China
Hayes Instrument U.S.A.
Hazeltine Corporation U.S.A.
Heath Company (Zenith) U.S.A.
Hipro Electronics China
Hipro – Thailand
Hitachi – Malaysia
* Howard Industries U.S.A.
Honeywell, Inc. U.S.A.

* Hutson Industries U.S.A.
ICE France
Integra Technologies Inc. U.S.A.
* International Rectifier Czech Rep.
* International Rectifier England
* International Rectifier Italy
* International Rectifier Mexico
* International Rectifier U.S.A.
Interpoint U.S.A
ITI Indian Telephone India
Johnson Controls, Inc. U.S.A.
Jung Jin – South Korea R.O.K.
Kidde Fenwal, Inc. U.S.A.
Kimpsion Corporation
Kodenshi – South Korea R.O.K.
* Kollsman Instrument U.S.A.
L-3 Communications ETI
* L-3 Communications U.S.A.
LaMarche U.S.A.
Lead Year – Taiwan
* Lear Corporation U.S.A.
* LiteOn – Taiwan
* Litton Systems Canada
Lockheed Martin U.S.A.
Loras Industries, Inc.
Lucas SEI Electronics U.S.A.
* Loras Industries U.S.A.
* Maida Development U.S.A.
Lucerne Products, Inc. U.S.A.
Medtronic, Inc. U.S.A.
Mars Electronics U.S.A.
Micro Energy U.S.A.
MIC – Taiwan
* Micro Networks Co. U.S.A.
* Microsemi Lawrence U.S.A.
Micronova Technology U.S.A.
Medtronic – Micro Rel U.S.A.
* Micro USPD U.S.A.
* Microsemi U.S.A.
Microsemi Corp. RF Power Products
Microsemi Philippines
* Motorola U.S.A.
Mospec Semiconductor, Corp. – Taiwan
M.S. Kennedy Corporation
Naval Surface Warfare Center U.S.A.
* M.S. Kennedy U.S.A
OMC Trade Winds U.S.A.
Naval Undersea Warfare U.S.A.
* Pacific Microelectronics – Hong Kong
On Semiconductor
Opto Tech – Taiwan
Phihong Enterprise Co. Ltd. Taiwan
Pan Jit – Taiwan
* Point Nine Technologies U.S.A.
* Photron – Taiwan
Potter & Brumfield U.S.A.
* Polyfet RF Devices U.S.A.
Power Design Inc. U.S.A.
Power Components U.S.A.
* Powerex, Inc. U.S.A.
Powerrex, Inc.
Power Parts, Inc. U.S.A.
PSE & G U.S.A.
* Protek Devices U.S.A.
PSG Industries U.S.A.
* PSI Technologies Philippines
* R.E. Phelon Co., Inc. U.S.A.
* R.S.M. Electron Power U.S.A.
* RGA Labs U.S.A.
* Raytheon U.S.A.
* Ray International U.S.A.
R.E. Phelon PR/DR
* Richardson Electronics U.S.A.
Rainbird Corporation U.S.A.
Rockwell International U.S.A.
Rinehart Motion Systems U.S.A.
* Samwha – South Korea R.O.K.
Rohm Electronics U.S.A.
Samsung Aerospace – South Korea R.O.K.
Samyang – South Korea R.O.K.
* Sensormatic U.S.A.
* Seefull Electronics Shanghai
Siliconix U.S.A.
Sentrol, Inc. U.S.A.
Sernia UK Ltd.
Sola Electric U.S.A.
Shanghai JLC Trading Co. Ltd.
Siltek Taiwan
Sinyee International Co., Ltd.
* SSAC Inc. U.S.A.
Solid State Testing U.S.A.
Spectrum Microwave, Inc.
Standard Motor Products U.S.A.
ST Keltec U.S.A.
Superior Electric U.S.A.
* Sundstrand Aviation U.S.A.
* Sussex Semiconductor Inc. U.S.A.
Syntel Test System GmbH
System Sensor (Pittway Group) Italy
System Sensor (Pittway Group) U.S.A.
System Sensor (Pittway Group) Mexico
Taitron Components U.S.A.
Taicom Systems Taiwan
Teapo Electronics Taiwan
* Taiwan Semi Taiwan
* Teledyne U.S.A.
* Teccor Electronics U.S.A.
* Tellabs Operations U.S.A.
Test Equipment Connection Corp.
* Testlab N.A. U.S.A.
* Texas Instruments U.S.A.
* TRW U.S.A.
Tyntek Taiwan
Unison Industries U.S.A.
* Universal Lighting Technologies U.S.A.
Unisem International U.S.A.
* VLSIP Technologies Inc.
Universal Microelectronic – Taiwan
VLSIP Technologies, Inc.
Wilorco U.S.A.
* Westinghouse U.S.A.
Woodward Governor U.S.A.
Wilcox Electronics U.S.A.
XEL Communications U.S.A.
Xipcom Singapore
Zastech Inc. – China
* Xemod U.S.A.
Zenith U.S.A.